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Welcome to FE 2.6

A new round has started, please signup again.

If you need to access the page with your mobilephone the address is: http://www.fegame.com/fe/phone. Some users have problem accessing the page with there phones. If you have problem you can access: http://www.google.com/gwt/n, there you insert the above address. Then it will work fine.

/Johan and Henrik


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Top 5 Provinces

  1. Fent | 24.581.866
    Ruler Trellix
  2. Kat | 4.737.991
    Ruler Kitty
  3. Evil1 | 3.886.898
    Ruler Evilman 1
  4. Insider | 2.281.589
    Ruler Ascheberg
  5. Pain for Pleasure | 1.611.457
    Ruler Pain

Top 5 Empires

  1. [-Core-] reborn | 26.753.933
    Empress Fent
  2. Ron:s empire | 4.935.274
    Emperor Garbose
  3. Ancients Race | 4.739.012
    Empress Kat
  4. Hull City, we love you!!! | 1.963.478
    Emperor The Black Gate
  5. [Core] Darkside | 1.841.051
    Empress Torklien