Quick start

Ok, its your first round, your too smart to read the manual?

Well here for you is a blitz section, there is valuable info on how to started not giving in the main manual.

Ok, first a blitz into the essential starting ticks

Acres - this is land, gained from attacking when out of protection or explored for under explore. They provide you with space for workers to work, and additional population to train

Workers - these are the men whom provide you with income (resources at the top of the page, under the big heading)

Houses - provide you with extra population and a small amount of tax bonus

*note workers and houses require you to have acres available to them, the acres are used by them and become unavailable

Available population - the amount of people you have that you can train at the current tick

*note population grows INDEPENDNTLY of tick time


First you will want to build your first building, go to build and start construction. Next take some of your start population and train some workers, to increase your resources income DO NOT USE ALL YOUR POPULATION. The aim of the game is to have the highest net wroth, but for growth of net you need acres, and soldiers to protect them. If you have the resources left, explore. You have 100 ticks where you can not attack or be attacked, use them. Build your workers and basic buildings. Towards the end of protection, start training soldiers, you will need them very shortly after wards. Once protection ends, begin your attacks, it is advisable to pick on players half your size or smaller, if good, the lowest target you can. Build your acres and net over time, never have more acres than you can hold with your soldiers. Win a fight, send out on another when you can put the soldiers to protect the first into training. Do not be discouraged if you loose, most players take a very long time to learn, don’t expect to be high up in your first round, though it is possible.

khalifman's Manual to play this game for the newbie [Edit by Pits of Terror]

Sangius's The Ancients Priests and their Wisdom.doc