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On this page we present external links to pages from users that plays Fantasy Empires. If you have a page please send it to us along with a short description. The easiest way is to send a message in the games to the admins in the empire 1:1. We have added two pages for multigaming. Please keep voting for us at these sites! All links will open in a new window.
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The Multi-Player Online Gaming Directory (MPOGD) is a site dedicated to providing information about multi-player online games. We do not host games nor do we list games lacking multi-player online capabilities.

MPOGD contains daily news, in-depth game reviews, editorials about current hot topics in multi-player online gaming, a forum system where game developers and players interact and the MPOGD Game of the Month Poll. We also feature player game ratings. The most popular aspect of MPOGD is the database of games. Added by: 1:1 Bromordia

After-Death is an online text based mafia role-playing game where your ultimate goal is to leave your mark in the criminal world by becoming the most powerful, respected, and feared mobster. You will always have to watch your back in this world because there will always be people who will dislike you for your skills and the choices you make - even those that you consider friends. Sent by: 1:10 RealitY
FE ART page

Art from players of FE Sent by: 5:7 Shady Sands
Tick Calculator

On this page you can find a Fantasy Empires Tick Calculator Sent by: 3:5 -Freezing Death-

On this page you can find a forum for Fantasy Empires. Sent by: Xanthus