About Fantasy Empires

Fantasy Empires(FE) is a free online game. The game is developed by us, Henrik and Johan. It all started with an idea about how to create an online game on the Internet. We started to plan and creating the game on our spare time. Slowly the game has become more advanced and the number of players in the game has increased every round.

In Fantasy Empires every player controls a province set in a fantasy world, populated by Wood Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Ancients, and the forces of Chaos, Undead necromancers, Dark Elves and the Orcs to oppose them. As you develop your province you'll have to master managing your workers, building and researching and keep your enemies at bay.

Fantasy Empires is a tick-based game, a tick happens every half hour, and during that time resources are given out, battles are fought and armies are moved forward. Almost everything in the game requires a certain amount of ticks before it is completed.

The current version of FE is 1.6. The url to FE is http://www.fegame.com, but you will be redirected to another server so be sure to save this url as your favourite and not the one you will get in your browser.

Currently FE only supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher(To get the latest version of MSIE go to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.asp) and from FE 1.4 we also support Mozilla 1.5 and hiogher(If you have an older version of Mozilla and have some problems, go to http://www.mozilla.org/ and download the latest version. If you have problem with Mozilla please send a message about the problem to the admins in the empire 1.1.).

From version 1.6 we now support Opera 7. The latest version of Opera you find at http://www.opera.com/ We never supported Opera but in FE 1.6 we did some changes that caused the Opera user som problems. So we solved this problems and now Opera works.

Currently we don't support Safari but users that use Safari had simulair problems that the Opera users had. So Safari should work, but incase you find something that doesn't work please send a message to feadmin in 1:1(ingames).